Here Are The Most Popular Jobs Among Psychopaths

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You might need this knowledge for yourself one day…but hopefully not while you’re looking in the mirror.

This list was compiled by British psychologist and author Kevin Dutton for his book, The Wisdom of Psychopaths.

#10. Civil Servant

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Psychopaths want power and control, which is given out to those serving the public. They can also be good in a crisis, since they don’t take people’s feelings into account while executing their job.

#9. Surgeon

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Surgeons have to make fast decisions that may be morally difficult for the non-psychopath, and they have to remain calm in intense situations.

#8. Chef

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Psychopaths are resistant to stress and thrive in chaos – two qualities that go hand-in-hand with crazy kitchens and long work weeks common in the restaurant business.

#7. Salesperson

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According to this book, having a psychopath on your sales team can lead to a marked increase. They’re confident, charming, and manipulative – plus they thrive in competitive environments.

#6. Clergy

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Sad, but true….being a member of the clergy not only gives a person a certain amount of power, but it gives you access to information that could be used for blackmail or manipulation purposes.

#5. Media

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Psychopaths have no trouble being calm in front of an audience, and their ability to charm and believe in themselves plays an important role in career advancement.

#4. Police Officers

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Again with the position of authority and power – policemen who work in extra dangerous areas are likely to be psychopaths. They take pleasure in being around bad situations and can remain calm while doing so.

Statistics also show that 40% of police families endure domestic violence – 2x more often than other families.

#3. Lawyer

A successful lawyer is able to lie, hide their true feelings, and ignore their conscience – a perfect job for a psychopath.

#2. Journalist

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Seeing your name in print is good for feeding one’s ego, and it’s a job where a competitive drive will get you far.

#1. CEO

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Psychopaths are so good with stress that they often prefer operating in chaos since it makes them look better and more powerful in the eyes of others. Studies claim that up to 20% of CEO’s in large companies show a strong inclination.