Here’s How You Can Beat Insomnia



Around 15% of the population suffers from insomnia, and 100% of those people can confirm that it totally stinks. The human brain needs a good amount of solid sack time every night to function at capacity, so if you’re someone who struggles to fall (or stay) asleep, check out these tips for giving your insomnia the boot for good.

#5. Try light therapy.

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It’s not a new concept, but research out of the University of Buffalo concludes that light plays a major role in keeping our circadian rhythms in sync. Too much or too little light can affect your sleeping cycle, and some recommend glasses with built-in lamps to pick up the slack.

#4. Drink cherry juice.

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Research out of Louisiana State University claims that if you drink cherry juice every morning and night for 2 weeks, your sleep time will increase by up to 90 minutes. Cherries are a natural source of melatonin.

#3. Practice yoga and meditation.

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Studies suggest that both yoga and meditation, when practiced regularly over a period of time, can help relieve insomnia and promote better quality sleep.

#2. Check out alternative herbal options.

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What we eat can positively and negatively impact our bodies – for example, you’ll be more likely to get better sleep if you avoid spicy foods late in the day (or better yet, altogether). Other herbs, like valerian, hops, chamomile, and wort are well-known for helping a person drift off to dreamland.

#1. Get comfortable.

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Some sleep positions are better than others as far as promoting good sleep, so even if you prefer your stomach or back, sleeping on your left side may increase the length and quality of your sleep. It facilitates lymphatic drainage from your brain, encourages digestion, and supports healthy spleen function.