Here’s Why All of Twitter is Tossing Their Vans in the Air

Photo Credit: Pixabay


One of the fun things about the internet is that it allows a lot of people to come together and revel in their shared insanity. You can put up a crazy theory about literally anything and you’ll probably find scores of other strangers who want to play along.

Well, that’s exactly what happened with all this Vans business. It all started when @lanacutherlip posted this little gem:

Of course, everyone else needed to get it on the action:

And a new meme was born.

Naturally, parents just didn’t understand.

But neither did anyone else.

Some people even took the challenge to new heights…

While others thought they had it figured out…

And of course, everyone else tried to debunk the theory (yes! science!)

It just didn’t work every time

But this is Twitter after all, so we had to up the ante somehow…

But the Crocs theory seemed to hold up…

Oh, Twitter… sometimes I worry about you. But you do keep me entertained…