High School Sweethearts Who Ended up Married Shared Their Prom and Marriage Photos Side-By-Side



Love, especially young love, is quite a beautiful thing. Anddddddd….

Sometimes it even becomes old(er) love! I’ve known quite a few high school sweethearts who went on to have long, loving marriages over the years, and these photos really just tug at the heartstrings.

Have a look for yourself.

1. Tears of joy

2. That’s nice

3. Junior prom!

4. Keepin’ it real

5. After all those years…

6. High School Sweethearts

7. Nice looking couple

8. All grown up

9. Nice!

10. Same pose

11. Yes!

12. They haven’t aged a bit!

13. Baby shower, too

14. Still kickin’

15. In love

All together now…awwwwwwwww.