Hilarious Memes to Celebrate the Joys of Adulting


When I grew up, I thought I was going to be rich and famous. But it doesn’t usually work like that.

Being an adult can be really liberating, but it can also find new and hilarious ways to disappoint you.

Let’s look at some of those ways now, in the form of memes. Naturally.

14. You don’t know what you got ’til it’s gone

13. Time’s gonna move fast

12. You do make the rules

11. You gotta stay wild

10. You gotta look on the bright side

9. Nobody cares about your BFA

8. The internet is forever

7. You’ll get nostalgic

6. Coffee isn’t always the answer

5. You have to do it EVERY YEAR

4. Laundry doesn’t do itself

3. You gotta set realistic goals

2. It’s hard to keep up

1. You work for beans

What’s the most bittersweet thing about adulthood in your opinion? Or the most adulting moment you’ve had in the past year?

Tell us in the comments!

Then go do your taxes, slacker.