Hilarious New Photo Trend for Grad Students Celebrating Their Thesis



Every summer, we’re treated to a never-ending barrage of people celeberating all sorts of things from graduations and proms to weddings and baby announcements. But here’s a new style of photoshoot you probably haven’t seen before that promises to be a big hit. I mean, this gal is really starting a trend, I CAN JUST FEEL IT!

Sarah Whelan Curtis just finished her PhD at Emory University in Atlanta, and she decided to have a little photo shoot with her baby.

No, not her actual human child – her thesis. And she added the comment, “Longest labor ever.”

Amen to that.

Curtis wrote her thesis on genetics so you know this was no easy task. We’re talking years in the making here, folks. Four years, to be exact.

Other students shared their own photos and “labor stories” after seeing Curtis’ tweet.

Curtis clearly hit a nerve because a lot of people feel the same way.

Curtis said her mother gave her an ultimatum: “Either give me a Ph.D. or give me a grandchild. I got my doctorate.” Yes, you did. Congratulations, Doctor!