#HotPersonInAWheelchair Twitter Users Brilliantly Shut down Online Troll



If you’ve never seen the Twitter hashtag #hotpersoninawheelchair, you definitely need to take a look. Annie Segarra is an activist for people with disabilities, and she recently discovered an offensive tweet from 4 years ago from a man named Ken Jennings.

Photo Credit: Twitter,KenJennings

Segarra decided to respond to Jennings’ tweet with a photo of herself in all dolled up in her wheelchair with the hashtag “HotPersonInAWheelchair. She also added a personalized message: “Cry about it, babe.”

Photo Credit: Twitter,annieelainey

The photo and hashtag went viral and other wheelchair users followed Segarra’s lead to show Jennings and others who criticize them that there is absolutely nothing wrong with their lifestyles. Take a look at these great photos.

Photo Credit: Twitter,joshcassidy84

Photo Credit: Twitter,Meesa_claire

Photo Credit: Twitter,thequadzilla

Photo Credit: Twitter,lauramdorwart

Photo Credit: Twitter,ladykate72

Photo Credit: Twitter,prettynomzi

Photo Credit: Twitter,robyn_lambird

More of this, please!

h/t: Bored Panda