If You Do Any of These 10 Things, You’re Seriously the Worst

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There are two rules I always try to live by: do unto others as you’d have done to you, and always try to leave places better than when you found them.

These people don’t believe in that. Don’t be like these people. And if you are, take note.

1. Please tip appropriately!

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2. No one wants a dented car, but really? 4 handicapped spaces??

3. Don’t put your dirty feet…anywhere.

Photo Credit: Reddit, u/rb0127

4. Just like at home. After you eat, clean the table.

5. Teach your kids to clean up after themselves.

Photo Credit: Reddit, u/City66

6. Produce does not belong in the office supplies aisle.

7. Hold your horses!

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8. Find the closest garbage can.

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9. Don’t be Karen. Trash does not belong on the grocery shelf.

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10. Don’t eat like a child.

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So, don’t be a litterbug and respect those around you. Easy peasy.