If You Have Anxiety, You’ll Probably Relate to These Tweets

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Dealing with anxiety really sucks: that’s a fact that can’t be disputed.

But, if you learn how to manage it, you can be a lot more relaxed, happy, and productive. Or at least happy and productive.

Also, go to therapy and consider medication if your doctor says that is right for you.

Here are some hopefully helpful tweets about dealing with anxiety.

1. Go for it!

2. Create good thought patterns.

3. There you go.

4. Worry heads inwards.

5. The list.

6. Sums it up.

7. I didn’t choose it.

8. That’s the worst.

9. Do all of it!

10. Ask for help.

11. You are strong!

12. It can’t close.

13. We need you.

14. Makes us all human.

15. That’s a tough one…

Ahhhhhh, that’s a little bit better. Keep these in mind next time you start to get down on yourself.

Maybe they’ll help you out. And if not, again – consider therapy and medication if your doctor thinks it could help.