If You’re a Parent, You’ll Get These 12 Tweets About Mealtimes with Toddlers



Kids, amirite, y’all? There are plenty of reasons to love them, but unless yours were born exceptional and only got better, it’s likely that mealtimes and food-related issues aren’t one of them.

These 12 parents feel you, and they’re here to make you laugh through your tears.

12. Put it on your resume

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11. Stand your ground, man!

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10. *Hunger Games salute*

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9. Admit nothing

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8. Apples need fresh air, too

7. She’s probably not that far off

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6. Well, now you know

5. Girl has her priorities straight

4. Have toddler, can confirm

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3. It’s as good an explanation as any

2. No one said all surprises were good

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1. Food for thought

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