10+ People Imagine What Jobs Would Be Completely Unnecessary If Everyone Told the Truth



Sadly, we live in a world chock full of liars and swindlers.

So let’s have a little bit of fun, shall we? An AskReddit user asked what jobs would cease to exist in a world where everyone told the truth.

Kind of sounds like a science fiction film, doesn’t it? Let’s see what these people had to say.

1. Sounds likely

“Companies that do background checks, maybe?”

2. No more spying

“Being a spy.”

3. And no more crystal balls


4. Crime will cease to exist


5. I can see your future…


6. Hahaha

“Advertisers would have it rough.”

7. Could happen

“No shops would need to be staffed with cashiers.

Customers could go in, take what they needed, and put the money owed in a box or tray or something.”

8. Another dig at advertisers

“People who write commercials.”

9. Bluffing

“Professional poker player.”

10. This would be rough

“I don’t know about unnecessary, but customer service would become very difficult.”

11. Religion


Now even though I’m an atheist, I don’t really think of regular centers of worship as dishonest. They believe what they believe, and so saying what they believe to be true is not an attempt to be dishonest.

Megachurches ain’t that. Megachurches are where giant lying charismatic scumbags swindle the poor and desperate out of what little they have, in the vain hope of a miracle.

In a world with no dishonesty, they wouldn’t work out so well.”

12. Time to look for a new gig

“Lie detector dude would be unemployed.”

13. Truth


14. Another truth

“Juries in a court of law.”

15. No more Tv shows or movies