Make Your Butt Look Like a Corgi Butt Because, Why Not?


There are dog people, and then there are SPECIFIC dog people. The kind of folks that can rattle off their pooch’s pedigree like they’re next in line for some kind of doggy monarchy. These people have to go all in on their favorite breed, and plenty of creators with an abundance of time and imagination are happy to cater to that market.

Enter Etsy user PrincessNuggetShop. They offer a wide variety of Corgi-based products from bathmats to stickers to phone cases. But their biggest hit so far are their leggings that make your butt look like a corgi butt.

What a time to be alive.

Yes, that’ll do.

Okay, interesting angle…

Yep. That’s a corgi butt. And a butt. Checks out.

Oh look! Da butts!

The viral booty sensations go for $53.45 all in and are available only through PrincessNuggetShop, though I wouldn’t personally be too surprised if imitators started popping up.

The trend is spreading all over the internet, with some flabbergasted and others obsessed.

It’s the kind of headline that makes 2020 feel ok after all.

Honestly, what more is there to say than:

One fan loved them so much they made an animation.

But the illustration I want to see is what this twitter user describes:

If you’re wondering whether or not these are the real deal, the reviews seem to say yes.

I mean, this would be pretty much impossible to fake.

So, would you be proud to be seen in Corgi butt leggings? Or would you buy them as a gift for the corgi lover in your life?

Let us know in the comments.