Male Athlete Gets Roasted to a Crisp for Comparing Skinned Knees to Period Pain



It’s unbelievable to me that we still need to say this in 2019: Guys, DON’T ever try to tell a woman that her period pains aren’t that serious. Honestly, it takes a real idiot to belittle someone’s pain. I’ve known dudes who could get stabbed in the chest without blinking an eye and yet quivered at the sight of a flu shot. You never know how something affects someone, and their pain is not made any less real just because it doesn’t hurt you the same way.

And yet, there’s always some self-appointed jackass willing to offer his hot take anyway, like this guy.

This man not only claimed that women tend to overreact to their menstrual pain, but he also compared that discomfort to skinned knees, which all of us have experienced at one time or another in our lives. Take a look at his post.

Dude…you’re an idiot. And you know you just opened the floodgates to get your ass handed to you.

Ladies, you may proceed.

What was this guy thinking? Here’s some more feedback for him.

Do you think this guy will ever open his mouth like this again? My money is on “NO.”