Meet the Woman Who Changed the Lives of World War I Veterans by ‘Restoring’ Their Faces


World War I changed the way wars would be fought for years to come. An onslaught of new weapons and technology made the battlefield more brutal than ever before. As a result, millions of men across Europe and America, if they were lucky enough to return home, came back with terrible injuries.

One person who attempted to right these wrongs was an American woman named Anna Coleman Ladd. She was a sculptor who moved to France with her husband in 1917 and founded the “Studio for Portrait-Masks”. Ladd created masks for men who had been horribly disfigured in battle to give them some semblance of normalcy for the rest of their lives.

Take a look at these photos of Ladd’s incredible work during World War I.

Photo Credit: Library of Congress

Take a look at this incredible video that showcases Ladd’s work.