Men Need to Stop Touching Women’s Waists “To Get Past” in a Crowd

Image Credit: Twitter


I’m guessing you’ve never had the totally awkward and unnecessary and sometimes infuriating experience of another man grabbing your waste if you’re a man yourself, brushing your lower back, or some combination of both because “it’s crowded” and maybe noisy and they want to get past.

That said, I can promise you that every single woman in your life has.

Men just feel like it’s okay to put their hands on a perfect stranger because she’s a woman, and because they have the flimsiest (and somehow socially acceptable) excuse to do it in certain situations.

General rule of thumb: if you wouldn’t do it or say it to a man you don’t know in public, then don’t do it to a woman.

Don’t catcall, don’t make some kind of borderline inappropriate joke, don’t tell her to smile, and no, don’t grab her waist to get past in a bar, at a concert, or anywhere else.

Instead, idk, try using your brain and your words to tell her that you would like to squeeze past.

Or, like, take a different path that doesn’t bring you into contact with as many female patron’s waists as possible?

Two solid options.

And if you think I’m just being one of those annoying, rigid feminists looking to get offended or pissed off about anything at all, well…then there are a lot of us, because I’m definitely not alone.

Same same!

Ladies, do you agree with me? Do you think this is no big deal?

Men who do this, do you also do it to other men? If the answer is yes and you’re not bisexual, I’m tempted to give you a pass….

Maybe. I need more information, so please explain yourselves in the comments.