Moms Are Comparing Their Post-Birth Pictures to Kate Middleton’s and the Results Will Have You in Stitches


But not literal stitches, like many of these poor mamas were likely dealing with at the times of these photos.

People have a wide array of reactions to the fact that the world expects Duchess Kate Middleton to don full wardrobe, hair, and makeup and parade her new babies around mere hours after pushing them into the world (without drugs, I hear). Some are sympathetic to the pressure she’s under, others are in awe of her poise and grit, and still others are sad that the images of her provide impossible standards to live up to for “regular” moms.

Wherever you fall on the spectrum, you’ll have to agree that not all of us (or 99% of us) are quite so glowing and put together hours after giving birth. And these 8 mamas are brave enough to put their own postpartum pics right next to Kate’s most recent one.

Expectations be damned. The rest of us are living in reality.

8. Basically samesies

7. One of them definitely looks more comfortable

6. I guarantee you Kate is just as knackered

Photo Credit: Twitter,PrettySophieK

5. They look equally happy, though

Photo Credit: Instagram,yvejones

4. Everyone is different

Photo Credit: Instagram,tialuke

3. They’re both thinking the same thing, which is “take the damn picture so I can go home”

2. You just need a bit of makeup

Photo Credit: Twitter,JadeBarnes23

1. Personal fave

Photo Credit: Twitter,NinaWarhurst

Also, just remember. Kate knows she’s going home to a nanny and as much sleep as she wants. Just sayin’.

h/t: Bored Panda