12+ Moviegoers Share Their Worst Experiences at the Theater



People talking, looking at their cells phone, and otherwise making noise at the movie theater is my biggest pet peeve. It drives me insane and that’s why I only go see movies on Tuesdays at 11 a.m.

Anyway, enough about me. AskReddit users divulge their worst movie theater experiences…and they’re making my blood boil.

1. Teenagers

“Worst – Went to see Borat opening night (for some reason I thought it had been out a week already). The “obnoxious teenager level” was dialed up to 11 that night.

Best (at least most memorable in an amusing way) – nothing to do with the film, but years ago I went to see Wishmaster in the theaters with my girlfriend at the time. We were a minute or so late, so the movie already started. It was very dark, and we can see two people sitting right as we walk in. Thinking it was packed, we took the first two seats we could tell were open (which happened to be right across the aisle from the two people we saw.

A few minutes later, the next scene is the skyline of the city in the middle of the day. This cast light into theater, and those other two people we saw were the only other people in the movie, and we were sitting two feet away. I turn to my girlfriend and whisper “maybe we should move” which she said “no, it would be embarrassing.” _A minute later I hear the other guy whisper to his date”maybe we should move”and her say \”no, it would be embarrassing.” _We give each other apologetic looks and sit awkwardly through a pretty forgettable film.”

2. Didn’t even get a refund

“They were offering cheap tickets at a movie theater in a rougher area.

Group of kids playing with lighters the whole time.

One lit a chair on fire.

Smoke alarm went off.

Didn’t get a refund.”

3. It really does…

“I went to see one of the G. I. Joe movies with my brother in one of the worst theaters in my area. We were the only one in the room while watching. At one point my brother says out loud “man this movie sucks a**” and the guy working the projector said back “yeah it really does.” “

4. Ugggghhhhh

“Best/worse? A couple came in to a movie (Thor Ragnarok) with an infant and sat down not far from us. I was picturing the baby screaming through the whole movie. Nope.

The woman behind us talked through the entire thing. It was her 1st marvel movie.”

5. Waterworld

“Worst but best story

I saw Waterworld with Kevin Costner…and the ceiling started leaking from a storm so the rain literally soaked us. It was a $1 theater and I demanded a refund. And got it.”

6. I love this story for some reason

“I had the misfortune of watching Gone Girl in a theater with someone who thought it was a comedy. Gone Girl is a dramatic mystery, not a comedy in any sense of the word. At every mildly funny line, this person was hooting and hollering like it was an Adam Sandler movie. It really broke the mood of a tense, dramatic film.”

7. No sound

“Went to see _”Arachnophobia” _with my boyfriend at the theatre next to our college campus. Lights dimmed, previews played… then the movie started. About three minutes in, the sound goes out. Movie still playing. People start yelling _”Sound!!!”_ but nothing happens. A few jokers start improvising the dialogue, and it’s hilarious. More people chime in, effectively covering the entire soundtrack with gut-busting results. Never laughed so hard in my life. Then the sound came back on and disappointment permeated like a wave through the audience.”

8. WTF

“Experiencing “the crawler”

someone crawling under the seats to steal from people’s purses.


9. Great guy

“Drunk guy in front of me sh*t himself.

He waited at least 40 minutes before moving.”

10. Classy

“The couple immediately in front of us were getting pretty hot and heavy with a make out session, then the girl moved into the guys lap. At first I thought this was just cuddling, then it became quite clear they were having sex in a crowded cinema, and her head bobbing up and down was ruining my view of the film.”

11. WHAT

“The most outrageous experience was when the guy sitting next to me (in the dark) put his hand down into my hot-buttered popcorn and started helping himself.”

12. Best and worst

“I guess my worst and best cinema experience happened all in the same time.

In the very very early days of online ticket purchases… I purchased 4 tickets online to see 12 Monkeys, on opening day. I was taking a special date and wanted to impress her. Evidently, I was the first one to ever purchase tickets online for this particular theater. We got to the theater and the movie was sold out, even though we had purchased online tickets… The ticket booth was confused as to what was going on so they called the manager. The manager come out and explained that we were the first people to ever order tickets online and that it didn’t quite integrate with their ticketing system causing the theater to overbook. I was thinking… Just great. First date and this happens. I felt like an idiot.

The manager actually made it right in the long run… He suggested that we see another movie that was starting at the same time. He gave us tickets and we went to the theater. Right before the movie started he come in and brought us a full/big snack package, drinks, popcorn, candy, etc. Really great gesture. He said he would meet us after the movie to see how it went.

After the movie, sure enough, the manager was waiting right by the door waiting for us to come out. He stopped us and asked how the movie suggestion was. He then handed us tickets to come back and see the movie that we really wanted to.”

13. Oh boy

“In Doctor Strange, I was in the theatre opening weekend or something and so the theatre was pretty crowded. Right as the movie is starting, one mans phone starts ringing. In my head I’m thinking he will hang up and it’ll all be fine but NO.

So the guy picks up the phone and begins a conversation, at which another person in the theatre tells him that other people are in the theatre and he should hang up.

He responded to that suggestion by saying something along the lines of “I had cancer surgery yesterday and this is my f*cking doctor” much profanity was used.

The other man said “well you can walk out of the theatre so all of these people can not be disturbed”.

And at this point the one mans son is even telling him to stop but he feels it is important to argue his case so he says “I paid for my f*cking movie ticket now why don’t you piece of sh*t leave me the f*ck alone because this is more important than the f*cking movie”.

At this point he was standing up and yelling at the top of his voice. The other man had backed down and stopped responding but the one man was just saying “f*cking hell” and other profanity under his breath for the next 5 minutes.

I was in my theatre with my sister and I was actually scared a fight was going to break out, let alone the fact I was distracted and pulled out of the theatre experience the whole movie and missed the first 5 minutes.”

14. Nice family experience

“Went to see “Finding Dory” a few weeks after its release. Only people in the theater were my SO and I, another older couple with their kid, and a group of 4 teens in the back.

Anytime the movie showed Dory, one of the people in the group of teens would yell “FOUND HER!” with the entourage chuckling at their hysterical joke.

Eventually the man of the older couple ran out of patience and told the group to please be quiet. You would’ve thought he threw poop at them.

They all stand up and start harassing the couple. Telling them that they are going to rape their kid and force him to watch. Next thing I know, the dad flung himself over the seat and a 4-on-1 brawl began.

My SO and I ran out of the theater to get help. Fortunately this was a bigger chain of Movie Theaters and they had security on site. All 7 of them (teens, parents and kid) were escorted out of the facility even though it was the teens who instigated the whole thing.

At least I was able to enjoy the rest of the movie in silence.”