Need a Boost? These Hilarious Tweets Should Do the Trick!

©Unsplash,loly galina


Are you in the need of a pick-me-up? Been having a rough time lately with all the madness going on in the world?

I know I am. I’ve been down in the dumps and some laughter definitely needs to be on the agenda to lift my spirits.

And I think I have just the thing for all of us…hilarious tweets!

Are you ready to laugh your ass off and get that much-needed boost?

Let’s do it together!

1. Ohhhh, that’s what you mean…

I got it now. And, that was pretty rude.

2. She learned very quickly.

The question is…is she still with you?

3. You’re clearly losing it.

And you might need some help.

4. Holy shit! I never knew!

I know what I’m doing starting TODAY.

5. This person speaks the TRUTH.

Why the two different huts?

6. That took a lot of work.

But it was totally worth it…right?

7. I definitely needed to see this today!

And I thank you for it!

8. Mom, if you’re invited to a Sex Party, please don’t go.

A gender reveal party is just fine, though.

9. Fell asleep like a boss.

It’s hard being a superhero.

10. This is some good work, right here.

And we salute you! Whoever you are…

11. Awwwww. Welcome to the family.

It’s a joy to watch them grow, isn’t it?

12. You guys cool with Slayer?

You better be, because I’m riding shotgun.

How about you?

Have you seen anything on social media lately that you found particularly hilarious?

A meme? Tweet? Photo? Facebook post?

Share them with us in the comments!

Please and thank you!