I remember when I got Nintendo.

My brother and I BEGGED my parents for it for a few months and boom! There it was under the tree on Christmas day.

And you know what? I never, ever upgraded. I never got another gaming system ever again in my whole life. Which was fine with me, because I loved (and still love) the original Nintendo.

But everyone else I knew seemed to forget about it and moved on to other systems in a hurry…

I guess some things just fall by the wayside…

What was around 10 years ago that doesn’t exist anymore?

Here’s what folks on AskReddit had to say.

1. Remember when?


I mean, it still exists but when the Russians bought it everyone bailed.”

2. Cool animation.

“Flash animation on youtube before YouTube’s copyright went on steroids.

There were some really funny and good animations on there with music that you can’t use now in your videos. A lot of these flash animations started on newgrounds and moved to youtube to only die out.

So many good artists who made these got screwed over thanks to the bs copyright strikes.”

3. Not fun anymore.

“Fun pop music.

Nowadays it’s all sad gloomy stuff that just floats and doesn’t go anywhere with overproduced trap beats.”

4. What did you stumble upon?

“Man I would spend hours on StumbleUpon back in the day.

Found a ton of awesome sites and resources.”

5. All of these.



Kizi Games

Borne Games

My favorite game personally was sly and fox, it captivated me as a kid.”

6. Too spread out now.

“Netflix streaming that had everything in one godd*mn place.

I can’t wait for all these streaming services to start making deals and bundling with each other, effectively just reinventing a moderately better version of cable.”

7. A good spot.

“RadioShack is the ONLY place I can ever think of when people come into my work looking for fuses that we don’t carry, or can’t get.

I honestly don’t know where to refer them to anymore. RadioShack was THE place to go for that stuff.”

8. What did I do?!?!

“Pressing internet button on your phone accidentally then spending 2 minutes frantically pressing the back button for fear of charging your parents what felt like hundreds of dollars to load google.”

9. That’s crazy.

“The median house price in Sydney is $1.68 million.

Australian house prices have compounded at 7% for 30 years, wages have increased 3%.

If your parents aren’t rich you can’t afford a house.”

10. The phone game.

“Blackberry smartphones. The real ones, not the fake ones they kind of have now.

The old school BlackBerry with brick breaker is hands down the best phone I ever had.

I miss it so much.”

11. What happened to them?

“Do you guys remember those snap bracelets that you would snap on your wrist?

I swear I haven’t seen one of those since like 2010/2011.”

12. I miss mine!

“Flip phones.

I had 2 over the years.

Loved those phones.”

13. This is sad.

“My three adult son’s sweet childhood days.

Oh, how I LOVED being a mom to little boys, having a purpose, how much fun we had, how much we laughed, always having a house full of kids, love, the wonderful chaos of three little boys, brothers, childhood, becoming a teenager, and young men. I adored them.

They are grown now, and not one of them speaks to me. Two I haven’t seen in over two years. I recently moved to a new home about a half hour away, not one helped during the move, and not one has come to visit, even though I bought it in a place I know they’d love to come.

I don’t expect anything different anymore. The Loneliness is Deadening. My grief profound. My heart numb. Never in a million years did I see this coming. I miss my children’s love. I miss it so much.”

What are some more things that were around 10 years ago that aren’t around anymore?

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