People Everywhere are Picking Up Trash Thanks to the Viral “Trashtag Challenge”

©Wikimedia Commons


I can’t stand people who litter. It’s absolutely disgusting to me that people can have such little sense of personal responsibility that they would just toss their trash around willy-nilly. I always try to do my part to pick up when I can, but it just gets me so mad that some people see our beautiful world as their own personal trash can.

But wait, here’s some great news! The #trashtag hashtag went viral recently and people from all over the world have been pitching in, picking up trash, and posting the pics on social media to prove it.

The hashtag was actually created back in 2015 by a company called UCO to encourage people to pick up trash in the woods.

Here is just a sampling of the great photos people have been posting. Keep it up, everyone!

1. All the way from India

2. Before and after

3. Cleaning up the roads

4. Look at that!

5. Keep posting these

6. Cleaning up beaches

7. All the way from Nepal

8. I could look at these all day…

9. …And I probably will

10. Look at all that garbage

Now this is a viral trend I can get behind.

Get out there and do your part!