People Explain What They’d Want To Do With Their Final Hours On Earth

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The average human lives an approximate 692,040 hours on Earth, according to a recent sleep study done by Dreams mattress company. This tops out at 28,835 days, or roughly 79 years.

While it might sound like a long time, considering time is ticking away as you’re reading this, we never have as much as we think.

So if life ended tomorrow and you knew about it in advance, what would you do with your final hours?

Reddit user, di_guyo, wanted to know what you would do with finite time when they asked:

You find out you have 1 hour to live, what do you do with your last hour on earth?

Indulge In Your Wildest Fantasies

“I have allergies. I will eat everything I had to stop eating because of them.” ~ shortinha

If We’re Being Real With Ourselves Here…

“Panic for an hour then die” ~ Grape_Jamz

“Most realistic answer here.” ~ lemaquilleur

Actually, This Feels The Most Realistic

“Scroll Netflix or Hulu until I find something to watch while I wait it out.” ~ bitterherpes

“You’ll be dead before you find anything!” ~ di_guyo

Get Those Likes In While You Can

“Have a beer and post on facebook—“if this post doesn’t get 5,000 likes in the next hour I will die.” ~ Talkaze

Why Change Perfection?

“Hang out on my couch with all my pets i guess. The usual” ~ induceddaftfan

Make The News In The Most Violent Way Possible

“Get in my car and drive as long as I can and as fast as I can. I’m talking 5 star wanted level; I want to make national news. And right before my timer goes off, I want to drive straight off a cliff and put on the most spectacular car crash anyone’s ever seen.” ~ StaySharpp

Say Good-Bye And Take A Seat

“Load the kids into the car, drive out to my parents’ place, give them all hugs and kisses, grab one of their whiskey bottles, walk out back to the lake, sit on the pier, and spend the last 10-15 minutes drinking and enjoying the view.” ~ AZNDavyJones

Get All The Important Messages Out Of The Way

“Hug all my immediate family. Make videos to send to all the people I love. I just lost someone and I’d kill for more voicemails and videos of them to replay when I miss them. I don’t wanna forget how they looked or sounded.” ~ Crimtot

“I’d have to hug my family as well, all jokes in this thread aside. My kids especially. Then for the last ten minutes I’d drive somewhere and park my car, call an ambulance. I want to give my family hugs, but I don’t want them to end up suddenly holding onto a corpse.” ~ Akhi11eus

“Record messages to my daughters for all of their major events in their life they have gotten to yet, graduations, weddings, births, that I won’t get a chance to be there for.”

“I would tell them how proud of them I am, and how they need to always look out for they mom.”

“I would tell my wife I love her, and my dogs they are the best boys/girls.” ~ An_aussie_in_ct

Give Blessings, Not Trauma

“Assuming I’m at home when I find out…Facetime my family and tell them I love them and talk about the good times we’ve had and tell them that they’ve made my life amazing.”

“Text my friends and let them know how much they mean to me and thank them for their friendship.”

“Hug my dogs and give them scratches. Sit on my balcony with my girl in my arms, dogs beside me, and let death take me.”

“…yeah dying in front of my fiancé would probably traumatize her…maybe I’d slip away the last 5 minutes and walk to a bench down the road so a passerby could find me.”

“Also I’d tell her it’s ok to move on, I wouldn’t want her to be alone the rest of her life” ~ adirtymedic

Mess With People In The Future

“Take a couple thousand dollars out of the bank. Die with that money clutched in my hand and surrounded by cryptic messages with allusions toward a much greater hidden treasure.” ~ remembernottopost

“Put GPS coordinates in a note that lead to a landmark/statue/whatever that you hate. People trying to find the statue will destroy it.” ~ BlatantConservative

This Does Feel The Most Likely…

“fall in a spiraling anxiety attack, trying to find out what to do for my last hour.”

“go see my parents? spend the time with my bf? eat my last meal? watch one more good show? walk in nature? say my good byes to my friends?”

“I have to make choices, what if I disappoint people because I didn’t contact them? I don’t have a will, what do I want to leave to whom? the dog won’t even understand that I’m dead!! I spent all my life studying for WHAT?”

“I’m gonna die having done nothing but that! No time to think about that, I should go play fetch with the pup… Do UberEats deliver lobster?”

“Is it gonna be good? Imagine having for last supper rubbery cold lobster. Let’s go out in a bang with champagne and sex! I don’t want to die naked though.”

“I don’t want my bf to be traumatized that way either. I’ve wasted already 5 minutes out of my last 60 minutes trying to figure it out, what if I get to do nothing because I was indecisi” ~ ChibiSailorMercury

But What Happens When You’ve Actually Lived It?

“I lived in Maui during the ‘Ballistic Missle Inbound this is not a drill’ event. We had 15 minutes. I was frantic trying to find out if it was true.”

“Then the resolve I was gonna die hit. I went outside smoked a cigarette and looked out at the ocean. I called none of my 6 kids.”

“Nobody picks up anyway and I didn’t want it to look like I favored one over the other. I reviewed my life and I was good.”

“Luckily it was a mistake. But I’ll never forget that feeling.” ~ itsrainingkids

Maybe have that donut today?

After all, it’s not like the world is ending tomorrow, right?

Written by Robert Acosta

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