14+ People Admit the Dumb Trends They Were Happy to See End

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Are there ever trends and fads going on that just blow your mind? Like you can’t even believe people are super into that one thing?

Fads and trends come and go, and AskReddit users reveal what trends they were really happy to see go away forever.

1. You’re not alone…

“Ed Hardy. It was popular where I lived from around 2007-2009.

Oh man, it was a glorious time to be alive because for a brief 4-5 years you could spot all the glistening, bejewelled skull-adorned a**holes from a mile away.”

2. I’m not calm

“Keep Calm and ___

Our upper management occasionally try to get memes involved in the company newsletter.

I saw a Bob Evan’s shirt with this tag-line for sale today. I believe that is an indicator that that fad is dead, buried, and decomposing.”

3. Glad it’s over

“Cash me outside, how bow dah” Just oh my god… glad its over.”

4. This went away?

“Gigantic subwoofers in s***ty $1,000 cars.

Glad to say its been a while since I’ve seen a 97′ Civic producing sonic booms.”

5.  Scenesters

“Scene. I still see a ‘scene kid’ every once in a blue moon, but for the most part the trend changed to hipsters so the scene folks moved on.

AND THEIR POOR HAIR…bleaching to death after switching back and forth from black to blonde…killing their hair with coontails….TEASING IT LIKE MAD…it hurt to even look at…..

AND THE MUSIC. I was a fan of a lot of music during the scene era because I am a fan of hardcore/post hardcore/pop punk/etc…but sometimes I had to just throw in the towel and ask WHYYYYY???? Mostly with bands like blood on the dance floor.”

6. Like!

“The “Like for cookies, Like for Jesus, Like for Puppies, Ignore for SATAN” Facebook pictures.”

7. Unnecessary

“Band-aids on your face you don’t need. I’m looking at you, Nelly.”

8. Just give it to me straight

“I hope the fad of Internet recipes that are now 3000 word long essays die. Just post the ingredients and the fucking method and shut up, nobody needs to know that your Aunt learned how to make this in the 70’s and passed it on to you during the summer 1995 when you had to stay with her, which is when you also got into hip hop, and that boy Michael used to tease you and you thought he hated you but realized when you were older that he actually liked you. I don’t actually know why people do it either, I’m less likely to click an ad your page if I don’t like your page because it’s boring.”

9. This is good news

“All About That Bass” by Meghan Trainor seems to have quietly disappeared…”

10. I have no idea what this person is talking about

“The whole Kony 2012 thing. 99% of the people who latched on to this had never heard of him and most have undoubtedly forgotten who he is. He’s an evil bastard but self righteous Facebook posts somehow failed to stop him.

Admitting to being a sheeple idiot at the age of 13/14. Literally had never heard or did any research about him but yet all my friends were hash tagging #kony2012 so ofcourse I joined.. Sigh……”

11. Wankers

“Fake nerd glasses. You made fun of me for wearing glasses (which I wear to avoid going under a f_cking bus) that were WAY nicer than these faux nerd ones all the way through school! Then suddenly they’re a fashion statement? F_cking wankers.”

12. Gross

“I was so happy to see the Kylie Jenner Lip Challange trend die out. It was absolutely stunning how people all over the internet really thought it was a brilliant idea to put their lips into a cup and suck until all the blood rushes into their lips in an attempt to get big, sexy lips. The results on how some of those challanges came out are actually horrifying.”

13. I respectfully disagree

“When 13 year olds used to say ‘Deez Nutz!’ in response to everything.

My 8 year old nephew will say something mean about someone, then yell ROASTED and then dab. I love that kid, but that makes me want to drop him off in a field somewhere and drive away.”

14. This is odd

“In high school there was a span of a few months where people would sneak up on you and choke you out. First time it happened to me, I flipped the dude over my shoulder and he got mad at me! Glad that died out pretty quickly!”

15. Not cool

“WhEn PeOpLe TyPeD liKe ThIs All ThE tiMe aNd iT wAs ~cOOL~.”