People Reveal the Most Disturbing Things That Ever Creeped Them out


You can be having a totally normal day, when all of the sudden – BAM! Something comes out of nowhere that freaks you out and shocks you to your core.

These AskReddit users sure did, and they were brave enough to share their stories with the world.

1. A void

“An accident in which I lost 2 full weeks of memory. I have seen pictures where I’m in a wheelchair being pushed around the hospital by my parents and brother, I have my eyes open, I’m laughing, but I remember literally zero of it. Nothing. It’s a void.”

2. My best friend

“When I was thirteen I found my best friend hanging from a belt in my closet. I thought it was a joke at first until I pushed him and he started swinging. He had just knelt down and let it happen. I got him down and pulled the belt loose and there was a nasty mark and I think that was when I realised how serious it was.

Ran and told parents to call 911. Ran back upstairs and could hear some gurgling noises coming from him. He was in a coma for a week but he lived thank God. To top it off a lot of people including his parents blamed me.”

3. Car wreck

“I was partially ejected from a car crash in December 2008. I fractured my spine, compression fractures. I was asleep in the back seat of a truck that flipped.

I woke up in horrible pain. I thought I was going to die. I was pleading with the EMS to not let me die. When I got to the hospital they thought I was internally bleeding and had to do an emergency exploratory surgery. I didn’t know if I would come out of the surgery or not. I did :)”

4. Bear!

“A group of friends and I were hiking in the mountains near my home one evening and we, being stupid high schoolers, and also stupid stoners, lost track of time. As we were about a mile from the trailhead the sun was already set and it was starting to get dark. If anyone has ever been hiking in the forest at night you know how unnerving it can be. It was especially unnerving after having smoked a bowl.

Well there were four of us and as we rounded a bend in the trail we we’re stopped by probably the worst luck possible. Standing in the middle of the trail, about a quarter mile from the cars was a HUGE grizzly bear. Of the four of us, my close buddy and I were probably the least pants sh-ttingly terrified. We hiked here a lot and the trails where I grew up are famous for their bear population and we saw them pretty regularly. But there was something f-cked about this bear.

The way it sat there staring at us was uncommon and to this day I’ve never seen a predator stand so stock still and loom over me like that. It felt like ages before someone finally realized it’s already dark we need to do something and picked up a stick and waved it above his head. Goddamn if bear was fazed at all. Asshole didn’t move an inch. Which turned out to be the most telling part of the story. Since it was a dead tree wrapped around a boulder and we were all sh-tting our pants over nothing in the moonlight. We still laugh about that today.”

5. Disturbing

“Seeing a women hit by a train and getting splatted was pretty disturbing. Not so much for the aftermath but the noise and the way she looked at me before she jumped has stuck with me.”

6. Be careful on escalators

“I was at an airport and a woman’s leg got stuck in the escalator. I remember a lot of blood and her screaming and watching her pray to god as the paramedics wheeled her away.

Escalators still scare me.

Edit: I also just remembered another detail, people were pressing the stop button and it didn’t stop.”

7. Man in the doorway

“Directly behind my house is a huge recreation area with miles and miles of hiking trails. People have gone missing there in recent years and they’ve found bodies there too. One day about two years ago I fell asleep on the couch accidentally and at like two AM, my dogs went absolutely crazy barking at the front door and they wouldn’t shut up so I got up to see what it was. There was a man standing in my doorway with the screen door already opened in his hand- like I caught him the second between opening my screen door and opening the door to my house, which I had accidentally left unlocked because like I said, I accidentally fell asleep.

I was totally out of it and still half asleep so the situation didn’t really dawn on me and the first thing out of my mouth was “Oh, hey. What do you need?” Then I woke up and realized what the hell was going on and slammed my door shut in his face and locked it and called 911. The dude left and the police never found anyone. I obviously don’t know why that man was on my doorstep but the fact that he could have taken me into that park very easily and no one would have known until it was too late shakes me up every time I think about it.”

8. Ouch

“When I was crossing a road and a car came screaming around the corner didn’t see me and hit me. This happened right outside my sons school. He saw the accident but didn’t know it was me ( I was in all black gym clothes ). Concision, head trauma, obliterated my left shoulder ACL and tore my ACL in my left knee. Huge bruise from hip to lower calf.

Hospital said they only thing that saved me was I didn’t see it coming so was not expecting it and was basically a rag doll. Turns out the driver was not insured, suspended license and the car wasn’t his.”

9. Potential kidnapper

“As a child, around 12, I was walking back to school, from a tennis lesson. The route was around a km and some.

I just started on my way back, and this car soon comes by and pulls over. A senior, possibly in his late 60s is the only occupant.

He asks where I’m going, and if I need a lift. I politely decline, then he started asking other questions. Being oblivious, I answer him, discussing my father’s work, what my mother did with her time, and how many siblings I had. Didn’t think anything of it for so many years, till around 2 years ago, the memory popped up in my head.

Only then did the gravity of what was happening at the time come home. He was trying to familiarize himself with me, and in some way grooming me to see him as a friend.

I’m still glad to this day that I never got into that car.”

10. I will never forget…

“About two years back, I saw a live road accident involving a bike and a truck. The biker’s head was squished like a water melon. This was too disturbing to see. A human body in a shape like that. I will never forget that sight.


11. Jaywalking

“I had my back turned to the road when an extremely drunk person jaywalking got hit by a drunk girl in a Jeep Cherokee (it was Halloween in a party town, no one was sober). He was still in the air when I turned around, landed roughly 50 feet from where he was hit. I had never heard that sound before but I knew what it was as soon as I heard it.

The kid survived, but his body was pretty mangled. I think the fact that he was drunk and didn’t tense up before impact is what saved him. The girl driving was 17 and wasn’t charged as an adult. Don’t drive drunk, and don’t jaywalk in night when you’re shirtless in dark green body paint.”

12. Horrifying

“A man jumped/fell from a building in New York and landed about three metres behind me. The sound when he hit, and the way he hit half on the sidewalk, half on the road, and his body had moulded to the curb and just..spread out.

This happened in 1998 and I can still remember every detail.”

13. Awful

“Finding my six week old baby deceased. Trying to do cpr on his obviously lifeless little body while on the phone with 911 while I listened to my husband and kids screaming in agony. Holding him against me trying to warm him and knowing this was the last time I would ever have him in my arms.”

14. Stalker

“When I was about 10 years old my family lived in this old rent house. My parents were in the process of buying a house from my moms family. One night we came home and there was a bag of candy with a picture of us in our car at McDonald’s. We were pretty creeped out but figured it might be some kind of prank from my older sister’s friends. We forgot all about it. Then we moved into our new house. It was in the middle of summer. We live in Louisiana so it was also the middle of hurricane season.

In late July we came home from school shopping and found a ziplock bag filled with stuff that would have gone unnoticed but we knew was ours. Each item came from a room in our house. Whoever did it went through every room collecting one item and then left it in plain view for us to find. And in that bag was also a picture of us in the front yard. It was a picture that had been obviously taken from far away and without our knowledge. At this point we realized this wasn’t a joke and my mom reported it. August came around and a hurricane passed knocking out all the power. To eleviate some of the heat we opened the windows in the house.

During the calm part of the storm my sister and I both woke up to someone whispering our names outside of our windows. We went check our parents’ bedroom and they were still sleeping. We huddled up together and didn’t sleep that night. We still have no idea who was terrorizing us and the cops never found the person. I’m now 28 and my sister is 32. Sometimes we still talk about those creepy months and it still scares me that the person is out there watching us and now our own kids.”

15. Dog attack

“Watching my 7 y.o niece have her arm mauled by an 80 lb dog. Desperately smashing its head with a broken shovel to get it to release her. Having to use my hand to hold her upper arm to stop the loss of blood looking ar yee mutilated flesh. It haunts and horrifies me. Everytime I hear a child yell or scream I have a moment panic that goes core. Every time I look at her arm I feel deeply saddened and sickened.”