You need to be careful with scary facts and creepy stories that are true, because if you let them rattle around your head for too long, you’ll start to freak yourself out.

So that’s why it’s good to get terrifying information about the world in small doses. That way, you won’t be as paranoid and scared as you would be if you dove headfirst into this kind of stuff.

Folks on AskReddit talked about what true facts can lead to some scary thoughts.

Let’s see what they had to say.

1. Forgotten.

“How many people can you name who lived over 100 years ago?

Probably a lot.

What about 300 years ago? Some I’m sure.

500 years ago? 1000? 2000?

As more time passes, more and more people are forgotten. Very very few will have their names live on (Jesus, Buddha, Mohammed, Julius Caesar, cleopatra)

For the vast majority of people, there will be a time in which it’s the last time someone has said your name or thought of you after you d**, and you will be forgotten like the other 99.999% of humanity.”

2. Pretty much.

“No matter where you live, at least 99% of your leaders do not care about you or your family.”

3. Probably true.

“Statistically speaking, every doctor you have seen has made a mistake while practicing.

Be thankful it wasn’t you or that the nurses or pharmacists or computer program caught it in time.

They’ll never tell you though…”

4. Close call.

“In 1961, the US Air Force accidentally dropped two nukes on North Carolina, one of which came a single switch away from arming.

If either had gone off, a good chunk of NC would be uninhabitable and we’d basically have a Great Bay of NC these days.”

5. When you think about it…

“Most people in the world willingly carry a device with them at all times that tracks their every movement.”

6. Are we in a simulation?

“The simulation hypothesis. Yes, the matrix kind, only we’re not real but rather components of an extremely advanced artificial simulation.

The thought is that if a species survives to become advanced enough, that they will be able to model a universe, if less expansive and detailed than their own.

You take that to the next logical conclusion, that if such a originator species is able to do so, theoretically if they ran enough simulations a race in those simulations would be able to do the same. Etc etc.

The hypothesis being that if it is possible to create a simulation of reality that we experience, we are most certainly living in one statistically. The only question is whether it’s possible, if advanced enough.

Those that favor the proposal posit that extreme limits of reality as we know them – plank length, the speed of light, the visible universe via the total universe because of early expansion – are aspects of our simulation’s “resolution”.”

7. We’re vulnerable.

“We may not stop the next pandemic. It might not have a cure.

It might just wipe us out. This pandemic shows just how vulnerable we are.”

8. This is depressing.

“Your dog probably cannot understand you and doesn’t know what’s going on when it’s being put down and why you’re crying and petting them so much, they’re probably very happy that you’re petting them which, in your perspective is good.

But for me, I feel like if my dog could understand what I was saying for 30 seconds, I would be so much more comfortable with the thought of one day coming home to him not jumping on me and getting his fur all over my clothes… it’s really depressing for me and makes me cry a lot but eh, that’s life isn’t it?

We’ve got to be strong and move forward, my dog is 8 so I think he’s still got a few years left in him (I hope) but I’m not ready for they day I’ll hold him in my arms crying.”

9. The Big One.

“It’s thought that along the San Andreas Fault and surrounding states is overdue for the “Big One”.

It could happen any day and cities like Los Angeles are going to be heavily affected with significant casualties.”

10. Great…

“The bubonic plague still exists and people d** from it every year.

It is still present in parts of the US, Africa, and Asia.”

11. Make the most of it.

“You only get one life. You will never get to experience a life outside your own.

There are done things you will simply never have the option of doing, things you may want to do but will never be able to because you were born with limitations that you can’t choose. There are boundaries that other people exist outside of that you will never cross.

It’s heartbreaking that there are endless possible experiences to be had in this world and we only get a very small sliver of them.”

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