People Share Things Ex-Friends Did That Ended Their Relationships

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Sometimes, toxic people in your life just have to be CUT OUT. It may seem harsh and it may seem drastic, but it’ll be much better in the long run if you actually go through with it.

Hey, life is short. Don’t spend it with people who aren’t good to you.

AskReddit users opened up with these interesting responses.

1. My first boyfriend…

“I was 16 and had my first boyfriend. I confided in my best friend of a decade that I was really upset because he got annoyed at something I said at Baskin Robins and threw me against a table and then down on the floor, and that it wasn’t the first time he’d shoved me around.

She told me that she didn’t want to hear it and that I had no right to complain because unlike her, at least I had a boyfriend.

That was pretty much that for our friendship.”

2. Obsessed with her boyfriend.

“She said that relationships were more important than school as a reason for refusing to help on a group project.

She was obsessed with her new boyfriend and didn’t want to do anything else.

We sent the emails to our physics teacher and she got put into her own group.”

3. They deserve each other.

“After I spent all day using my truck and trailer helping him haul tables and chairs and a giant archway to the church for his wedding that i was suppose to be a groomsmen.

Him “Hey dude, I really appreciate you helping me move this stuff, I couldn’t get anyone else to help, here’s $20 for the gas”

Me “woah dude, I’m IN your wedding, I don’t need money to help make this happen”

Him- “yeah dude so hey, brent (his soon-to-be wifes best guy friend/100% ex f*ck buddy/guy he’s known for less than 3 months), really wanted to be in the wedding and i was wondering if it would be cool if he took your spot and i can see if any of her cousins backed out and if there’s a seat open somewhere”

This was the day before the wedding.

I had been best friends with that guy since kindergarten, his wife didn’t like me because I knew about her wild past from a different circle of friends so this was her attempt to push me out.

He caved but none of the other people involved would help move sh*t so he waited until last minute to get me to help.

Haven’t spoken to that guy since. They deserve each other.”

4. That’s pretty bad.

“In college, a former friend tried to have sex with me (I’m also a guy) while I was black out drunk (He was not drunk).

He did that despite knowing I am straight and had a girlfriend at the time.

Lucky for me there were some actual friends that stopped him.”

5. Ruined our friendship.

“My best mate’s now ex girlfriend told everyone I had sex with her while they were dating, when I definitely had not.

She was the most irritating person I’d ever met and I don’t know if I’ve ever been attracted to someone less, than I was to her.

Ruined our friendship and destroyed her relationship with my mate.

She is one of those people that CRAVE drama and can’t live without having something wrong to moan about. She’s currently pretending to have multiple personality disorder and blaming that for every time she’s a dickhead so she can get away with it.”

6. Terrible situation.

“I got sexually assaulted by two guys in a summer camp and told it to my best friend. After calling me stupid for letting that happen, she apologised and I forgave her.

Then I saw her parents who asked how summer camp went and all she did was turn to me and go “well, you made many friends, didn’t you ? Don’t you wanna tell my parents about it ?” with a big smile on her face. I don’t feel too bad about thinking that she can f*ck off in hell.”

7. Get rid of all of ’em.

“Had a whole bunch do it at once. I used to have a group of people I thought were my friends. Because of this, I did a lot for them. I helped them out by working on their projects, supported them, let one stay in my home rent free when they were in danger of becoming homeless.

I did all that for these people, but two years in a row, they couldn’t be bothered to do something as simple and easy as meet up with me for drinks to celebrate my birthday. Half of them didn’t even bother responding to being invited. I’ve pretty much cut them all out my life now, I’m done being used by those who don’t care about me.”

8. Broke something in me.

“You know what, recently, like late 2019 I started getting out of the house. I’m a single father of two girls and I’ve focused on them 1000% for a really long time. I finally got out of the house a few times, and I’m serious I went to this friends house a few times for game nights… basically drinking and cards. Till this dude hauled off and hit me for accidentally touching his f*cking hat of all things.

What struck me most is that they were hosting and didn’t even offer an apology to me. It was quite insane for me. It was like I was back in highschool. Unf*cking real. I gave them ample time to f*cking realize what happened. It took the person 3 months to even realize we are no longer friends on social media and she’s trying to add me back now…. and honestly, it f*cking broke something in me.”

9. Good riddance to you.

“After convincing me to delete my accounts everywhere and make new ones. After promising me that they’ll protect me from my abusive ex. After witnessing everything my ex done to me, and how it scarred me for life, I found out that my best friend was dating my ex behind my back for months, lying about it the whole time.

I didn’t know who my friend was dating, as they refused to introduce them in person. It turns out they’ve been dating behind my back a few weeks before my ex broke up with me. The whole thing scarred me to this day. It’s been a year and I haven’t heard from either of them since, though. Good riddance.”

10. Set up and robbed.

“One of my best friends of several years set me up to get robbed for £390, my wallet and my jacket. The guy who robbed me pulled a machete on me and kept it against my neck. I don’t really know why they decided they want to do it, but I know from enough people (and just the way it all happened gave me suspicions) telling me it was him that I found out.

So naturally I stopped being friends with him, because it was a bit of a dick move and all.”

11. Went and told everyone.

“Best friend and ex-coworker for 5 years.

Confided in her and told her about my self harming, depression and stuff I went through as a child (you can imagine), two days later she not only told the whole of my old work place but told my family too.

Absolutely heart breaking.”

12. Never spoke again.

“I have chronic health issues, and my best friend was trying to get me to drive 30 minutes to her house to go swimming when I had to pack to leave town the next day. She kept pushing and pushing, but when she finally realized I wasn’t going to agree, she sat back and said, “You wouldn’t be any fun even if you HAD your health.”

I left and didn’t speak to her again.”

13. What a creep.

“My former best friend of over 6 years, hit up my ex girlfriend the day we broke up. He sent her a DM asking if she wanted to “hangout at his house” (parents but wtv). At the time he also had a girlfriend, who was pregnant with his kid. My ex hit me and his girlfriend up with the messages.

My ex and his girlfriend decided to go together at his place and expose him. I didn’t want to do with any of that but I didn’t want anything to happen to either of the girls. So we show up, his mom greets us and let’s us in, as soon as he saw us 3 he knew that his shit was up but acted all surprised. We told him we knew, he kept defending his case by saying his little brother (who was fucking 6) sent my ex those messages.

Well to make a long story short, his pregnant girlfriend left him, he’s currently paying child support, he also moved out of the state like a month later. My ex and I are back together and 3 months into our marriage.”

14. A story from the other side.

“I’m the dumped friend.

She posted a video from The Onion of a fake Senator reading a fake bill that was all redacted and you could tell with context clues it was basically saying in the event of Armageddon, the high powered people have bunkers to hide in. She made some comment about the redacting and our government is hiding stuff.

I commented that it was a satire video and not real. She got super mad and accused me of trying to make her look stupid. She said there was no way she could’ve known.

“The Onion” was in the bottom right hand corner of the video.

She blocked me and we have never spoken since.

We had known each other for at least five years. I (more accurately, my parents) took her in when she ran away from home for, like, a year when we were teens. When her husband beat her up (early 20s) I road tripped all night to pick her back and move her back in.”

I’ve had to cut friends out of my life at different points just because I knew they were no good for me.

Have you ever had to do that?

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