People Shared Photos Showing How Much They Look Like Their Parents and Grandparents



I’m ready for some incredibly wholesome content, aren’t you?

People recently took to Twitter to share side-by-side pictures of them with family members who they look just like. Parents, grandparents, kids, etc.

What do these photos have in common? The family genetics run DEEP with these folks and their resemblances are undeniable.

This is the tweet that got the thread kicked off.

Let’s dive in to these photos so we can see some great family resemblances.

1. Grandma and me!

Two great photos!

2. Definitely the same.

It’s in the eyes.

3. Wow! Very close!

No doubt about this one.

4. A family tradition.

Passin’ down those genes!

5. The hair’s pretty much the same, too.

That’s my Mom!

6. Very nicely done.

Different eras.

7. Still looking the same!

Let’s see the love!

8. Sometimes it skips a generation.

I think we can safely assume that they’re related.

9. I love this one.

Family roots are important.

10. That’s your Dad, alright!

A good one!

11. Spitting image.

Almost identical.

12. Compare the smiles.

No denying it.

13. This one is 100%.

Great job, everyone!

Wow! Those are really impressive!

Now we want to hear from all the readers out there.

Do you look very similar to your parents and grandparents?

Or maybe your kids look just like you?

Whatever the case, share your stories and your photos with us in the comments.

We can’t wait to hear from you!