People Shared Their ‘Controversial Food Opinions’. Let the Debates Begin!

©Wikimedia Commons


We all have unique tastes when it comes to what we like to chow down on. But some food opinions might be considered controversial, and they may get people annoyed or even angry.

A guy on Twitter recently sent out a tweet that got all kinds of people talking about their beliefs when it comes to cuisine.

Here’s the tweet that got the ball rolling…

Now let’s get fired up and look at these tweets.

1. Hmmmm, I don’t think so.

2. Maybe?

3. No way, steak fries are da bomb.

4. Take it back!

5. No way, ma’am.

6. We can’t be friends.

7. I’m a fan…

8. Chicago people, let’s hear from you.

9. I’m not a huge fan…

10. Blasphemy!

11. Whoa!

12. Well, that’s not very nice…

13. Don’t say this out loud in the South.

14. I respectfully disagree.

15. Dude…not cool.

Hmmmm….some pretty dramatic beliefs in there.

We know you have some controversial food opinions of your own!

Tell us all about them in the comments and let’s keep these debates going!