People Talk About the Hobbies They Keep Secret From Family and Friends



Why do some of us keep secrets from the people we love? I guess it all boils down to the fact that we think we’ll be judged and no one likes that…so we keep things that are important to us to ourselves.

Or maybe we just like to have things that are ours and ours alone in this chaotic and often confusing life.

Either way, here are responses from AskReddit users who have hidden hobbies that they keep secret from their loved ones.

1. Origami master.

“I create little origami cranes whenever I have the chance. A lot of the time in school I’ll find a piece of scrap paper and so I’ll rip it into a square and fold up a little intricate paper crane, and then I’ll put it somewhere and see how long it will last before being found. A few of my friends know about it, but that’s it. My goal is to put these cranes in enough strange places that people start noticing and they’ll wonder what the fuck is going on.

I’ve managed to hide a few on top of speakers mounted to the wall, I’ve put some on top of an overhead projector, I hide them on random chairs, I’ve hid about 6 inside the piano (easily retrievable) so that if anyone opens the lid they’ll see them. I’ve put them on top of school computers and inside science equipment cabinets, on top of shelves and amongst textbooks. I even managed to get one into the teachers bag. It’s funny how people don’t notice them, they’re hidden in plain sight.”

2. Nice work!

“I have written two books. I am currently writing a third.

2 are self-help books and one fiction. I haven’t even told my fiancé about these and the one I’m currently working on is “How not to flip your sh*t while planning a wedding.” Working title but you get the drift. I’ll never publish them, just helps me work through all the thoughts in my head.”

3. Do what makes you happy.

“Online roleplay.

Normally not erotic but super in depth role play about fictional worlds and the adventure I have with people I normally don’t meet. I’ve made friends from thus and it’s fun. It may not be the weirdest but its abnormal at most.”

4. Doing it for fun.


I feel like they would expect me to become the next big thing or something while I just want to make funny little games to troll my friends.”

5. Growing into yourself.

“Fashion and makeup.

Growing up, I went through a Tomboy phase. Regret it quite a lot. I was always seen as someone who didn’t like fashion and didn’t wear makeup. Now that I am becoming more comfortable with myself, I am experimenting with these things and I quite like them.”

6. Not just for the kids.

“I’m a mom who’s close to 50. I really like playing Fortnite.

Maybe that’s not so weird, but in my social circles hardly any women play video games let alone one that is popular with kids the same ages as my children.”

7. A songwriter.

“Song writing.

Only people who are closest have a clue that I write songs sometimes. And now all you strangers know. So in a way, you guys are closer to me than my family.”

8. Hey, it’s cool.

“Collecting action figures.”

9. You’re making art.

“I make teeth out of clay.”

10. Urban explorer.

“I’m really onto urban exploration and gaining access to abandoned or long forgotten spaces.

It’s not all that dangerous per se, but can be precarious. And if my folks knew I would never hear the end of it.”

11. That’s an interesting habit.

“Lockpicking. It’s therapeutic and very gratifying.

No one’s gonna know because I want to avoid being a target whenever they misplace something.”

12. Sexy!

“I write erotica stories for myself.

But the system I have in place is so convoluted and bizarre I can’t let any the people in my life know about it.”

13. An unusual hobby.

“I’ve started getting more into witchcraft-type stuff. Not because I think magic is a real thing, obviously, but because I like the wildness of it and the way it changes my perspective on things. And at the end of the day, what harm does it do to set an intention to boost the calming effect of some tea, or consult a tarot deck to help you think through a problem, or smudge a house to set your mind at ease?

The reason I keep a lid on all this is because my boyfriend is pretty judgemental when it comes to people who claim to do “real” witchcraft because he thinks they’re all science-rejecting hacks. I just don’t want to deal with it, because I know he’d immediately jump to that conclusion and I have to work to convince him that no, I don’t think it’s the planets’ fault for all my problems, and yes, I know these are just harmless little rituals that only have an affect in my mind.”

14. Just here to watch.

“I watch and follow a lot of vegan lifestyle bloggers on YT.

I don’t and have never had any interest in going vegan.”

15. That’s a good thing to know.

“I study plumbing!

No one would expect a 22 year old female to have any interest, but I just find it so fascinating.

Especially pool, jacuzzi, and wave pool/waterpark mechanics.”

I actually thought a lot of these were really cool and interesting.

How about you? What were your faves? Or do you have anything to share yourself?

Let us know in the comments!