Pink Said Getting Plastic Surgery On Her Face Is Something She’ll Never Do

Image Credit: Instagram


Plastic surgery is pretty common, whether you’re a famous celebrity or a regular women who is finding that people treat her differently now that she’s past a certain barrier.

Or, as I like to call them, milestones.

One celebrity, singer and philanthropist Pink, is promising all of us – and herself- that going under the knife in order to disguise her age isn’t something she’ll ever consider.

Pink is 40 now (the horror!) and admits in a candid “letter to self” that it can be hard to fight off insecurity when she sees how her own face is changing with the years hung on it.

She goes on to talk about how it can be difficult to age, but surgery or other enhancements come with prices of their own – and she wants her kids to be able to read her face.

Lucky for her, she’s talented and, unlike many talented actresses in Hollywood who begin to lose parts as they age, doesn’t rely on a pretty face to get work.

Fans and celebrities alike are applauding her candid take on the matter.

In an industry saturated by a sea of fakeness, obsessive vanity, shallowness, hypocrisy and a ridiculous denial of age, she remains true to herself & a great role model to decent people everywhere.

You go girl!

Be your best, original self!

As a 40-year-old woman who doesn’t recognize her own face right away in pictures these days, I can relate.

As I’m poor, the decision was being made for me – but at least now I’m not alone!