There’s a niche for just about everything on the Internet – even for people who want to come together to deride and hate on stuff together: it’s called Twitter.


Enter the IG account “Please Hate These Things,” a place for people looking for the what-not-to-do of the design world.

Kind of like an opposite-Joanna Gaines, I suppose.

Here are 15 of the worst of the worst, and y’all. They’re really, really bad.

15. Straight from the Playboy Mansion yard sale.

14. Are you going to be selling movie tickets?

13. It’s nice…if you want to die.

12. They forgot puke.

11. This just cannot be real.

10. What even is the point of this though?

9. Are they going to be high-diving off the top?

8. There’s just no way this was an accident.

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7. A house for Catwoman?

6. This takes saving space to the extreme.

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Time to watch my soaps!

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5. What? No, those won’t be in the way at all!

4. This is legitimately terrifying.

3. I don’t know where to look.

2. Is this the setting for a horror movie?

1. That would drive me slowly insane.

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Not quite.

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I’m torn between wishing I hadn’t seen any of that and being thrilled someone is out there compiling these pictures.

Did you love these? Did they drive you mad? I can’t decide!