Iconic Red Carpet Outfit Facts That Deserve Their Own Award

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Red carpets have turned into one of the most iconic aspects of award season. Who can forget that iconic Versace green dress JLo wore to the Grammy’s in 2000.

These are some facts about some of the most iconic red carpet looks ever.

Be it at the Oscars, the Grammy’s, or the MET Gala, no one can wait to see the gowns and glamour on the red carpet.

Many red carpet looks have become as famous as the celebrities wearing them!

Lady Gaga’s Meat Dress

Such as Lady Gaga’s Meat Dress from the 2010 MTV Video Music Awards, designed by Franc Fernandez and made entirely of raw meat!


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Lady Gaga claimed the dress was meant to represent fighting for what one believes in.

The controversial dress drew an expectedly mixed reception from fans and critics.

It was condemned by both PETA and The Vegetarian Society, but was named by TIME magazine as the top fashion statement of 2010.

Lizzy Gardiner’s American Express Gown

Costume Designer Lizzy Gardiner’s American Express gown was something of a full circle achievement.

Gardiner wowed audiences with her costumes for The Adventures of Priscilla, Queen of the Desert.

But one of the looks she envisioned for the film, a dress made entirely of credit cards, never came to be. As no bank gave approval to be used.

But when she was nominated for an Academy Award, Gardiner returned to the idea for her own Oscar gown.

And this time, American Express was very excited about the concept!

Providing 254 expired AMEX cards for Gardiner to use. While Gardiner’s designs for Priscilla won the 1995 Oscar, her Amex Gown is often considered one of the worst Oscar gowns of all time.

Bjork’s Swan Dress

As is The Swan unforgettably worn by Bjork at the 2001 Academy Awards.


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The Marjan Pejoski creation even came with an egg purse, and the Icelandic singer mimicked laying an egg on the red carpet!

Bjork claimed that the look was meant to represent “fertility.”

An endless source of humor for years thereafter, the team at Valentino saw some potential in the gown. Creating a similar, wrap around swan dress in their 2014 collection.

Billy Porter’s Iconic Hat

While men on red carpets are often beholden to traditional black-tie, there are always a few who leave a sizable impression.

None more so than Billy Porter.

Guaranteed to make a splash in whatever he’s wearing, particularly his dazzling Turquoise Jumpsuit at the 2020 Grammy Awards.


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And It’s accompanying hat, by Sarah Sokol featuring retractable, remote controlled metal fringe!

Billie Eilish’s face covering Bonnet from the 2019 AMA’s was what inspired Porter to don a hat.

But Porter told Studenberg and Sokol:

“After 30 years of working [my] way into Hollywood, y’all gonna see my face!”

Two Dresses to Remember

Gwyneth Paltrow’s 1999 Oscar Gown, and Jennfier Lopez’s 2000 Grammy Gown are easily two of the most admired red carpet gowns of all time.


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A slow clap for this Versace moment.


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So much so, that South Park creators Trey Parker and Matt Stone, donned replicas at the 2000 Academy Awards!


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Outspokenly opposed to award shows,

The comic duo reportedly considered arriving dressed in chicken outfits or pirate costumes before settling on the gowns.

While plenty found it hilarious, the duo claimed many of the attendees did not.

Including Gwyneth Paltrow who reportedly shot Stone a dirty look on the red carpet.

Though as they say, imitation is the sincerest form of flattery!

Either way, these iconic looks will go down in history as some of the most memorable award ceremony moments.