Solving These 3 Riddles Can Help You Make Better Choices



Are you someone who has trouble making decisions on a daily basis, like which shirt looks better or whether you should grab a coffee or tea before work? Well, these 3 riddles will help you to not only make the right decisions but to find the right arguments for them, too.

Read on to find out how!

#3. The party.

Eric and George are arguing over a girl named Blaire at a party. She hasn’t responded to either of their plays with interest, but then makes up a game in which the winner gets to take her on a date.

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The rules:

  1. The guys sit at a round table.
  2. They have a cache of coins that should be used to cover the table, but they cannot intersect or hang over the edges.
  3. The first player has an advantage if he places his coin correctly.
  4. The game is over when the table is covered and the winner is the person who plays last.

George is confident and allows Eric to play first – but what should his strategy be in placing the first coin?

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#3. What strategy should Eric use to cover the table first?

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Eric should place the first coin in the center on the table and then mirror every next move of the opponent. Eventually, the opponent will run out of room sooner and Eric will win.

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#2. The password problem.

Clark lost his memory in an accident, and when he returned home, set off a burglar alarm he’d forgotten about – and that he couldn’t turn off because he’d forgotten the password. He did find a piece of paper with clues to the password in his handwriting, but everyone had a hard time solving for the answer.

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The note said:

  1. The password is 5 digits
  2. The 4th digit is bigger than the second by 4.
  3. The 3rd is smaller than the second by 3.
  4. The 1st is 3x bigger than the 5th.
  5. 3 pairs of digits equal 11 together.

What is the 5 digit password to the alarm?

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#2. Did you figure out the alarm code?

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The answer: 65292

Use your basic algebra – a, b, c, d, and e are variables.

  1. d= b+4, “b” can’t be bigger than 5.
  2. c= b-3, “b” can’t be less than 3.
  3. a= 3xe, “e”=1, 2, or 3 and “a”=3, 6, or 9.

3 pairs equal 11 together – “a”+”e” can equal 11, because “b” is 4 or 5.

Other pairs of digits for “b”, “c”, and “d” don’t work – we need a 5, 2, and 9 plus 2 more pairs that equal 11 with the other digits being 6 and 2.

The 3 pairs that equal 11 are 6+5, 2+9, and 9+2.

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#1. Campfire dreams.

Harry had trouble sleeping after a night of scary stories around the campfire, and when he did shut his eyes, had a very strange and realistic dream. In the dream, Harry was lost in the forest when he found a cave, and being tired and confused, he went inside with the intention of getting some rest. Instead he was confronted by the Goblin King, who immediately trapped his unexpected guest using magic.

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In order to  leave Harry had to work his way out by solving a riddle – all he had to do was pick 1 of the 3 offered candies in the cave. The rub? 2 of the candies were poisonous.

Being a kind Goblin king, he told Harry that when Harry picked a candy, the King would toss one of the poison candies in the trash and let Harry choose again.

When he picked the orange candy, the King threw out the blue one, claiming it was poisonous, and asked Harry if he wanted to keep the orange one or swap with the yellow. Should Harry change his choice? Why or why not?

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#1. Did Harry pick a different candy?

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Harry changed his choice to the yellow candy, and survived.

The orange candy was actually 2x more likely to kill Harry than the yellow one after the Goblin King eliminated the blue. Why?

When he chose the orange candy, his chance of surviving was 1 out of 3, his chance of dying 2 out of 3. But when the Kind threw away the blue candy, he didn’t say anything about the candy in Harry’s hand, so the chance of being safe was still 1 out of three. If there was a safe candy on the table, it had to be the yellow one.

Thanks for playing along today!