Solving These 3 Riddles Can Help You Make Better Choices



Are you someone who has trouble making decisions on a daily basis, like which shirt looks better or whether you should grab a coffee or tea before work? Well, these 3 riddles will help you to not only make the right decisions but to find the right arguments for them, too.

Read on to find out how!

#3. The party.

Eric and George are arguing over a girl named Blaire at a party. She hasn’t responded to either of their plays with interest, but then makes up a game in which the winner gets to take her on a date.

Photo Credit: Brightside

The rules:

  1. The guys sit at a round table.
  2. They have a cache of coins that should be used to cover the table, but they cannot intersect or hang over the edges.
  3. The first player has an advantage if he places his coin correctly.
  4. The game is over when the table is covered and the winner is the person who plays last.

George is confident and allows Eric to play first – but what should his strategy be in placing the first coin?

Continue reading when you think you’ve got the answer!