That One Time a Stuffed Anteater Took down a Wildlife Photographer

©Natural History Museum


Took down his career, I mean.

Wildlife photographer Marcio Cabral had won the Wildlife Photographer of the Year award with his image, titled “The Night Raider,” which purports to capture an anteater in Emas National Park in Brazil.

After several anonymous tips suggesting that the photograph was of a stuffed animal in a visitor center’s display, the Natural History Museum opened and conducted an investigation. They concluded that the animal in the photo and the stuffed anteater are one and the same.


The Natural History Museum issued this statement on the matter:

“The five scientists, working independently of each other, all concluded there are elements of the animal’s posture, morphology, raised tufts of fur and patterns on the neck and head that are too similar for the images to show two different animals. The experts would have expected some variation between two individuals of the same species.”

Cabral did reportedly provide an explanation as to why he had no other images of the creature, and he provided a witness who claims he saw the anteater alive.

He was disqualified from the competition and will not be allowed to enter any in the future.

h/t: Mashable