The 10 Best (and Worst) States for Your Tax Bill

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Are you feeling like a change of scenery is in order? Maybe you just got done paying your taxes and you’re thinking “Dang, this is brutal!”

Well, why not decide where to go by looking at the impact on your pocketbook. Not only should you consider cost of living, but some states are also significantly more tax friendly than others – and those others are just waiting to take the biggest bite out of your bottom line they can.

I mean, to be fair they do use taxes in order to fund roads and education and all sorts of government works, but still. That stuff can be expensive. And if your bottom line is what’s most important to you, then you’re going to be intrigued by the two lists below.

The Most Tax-Friendly States

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#10. Louisiana

#9. Mississippi

#8. Arizona

#7. Delaware

#6. North Dakota

#5. Nevada

#4. Florida

#3. South Dakota

#2. Wyoming

#1. Alaska

None of these are really surprising to me – you?

Fun fact: Alaska actually pays residents to live there, too. Or it will as long as the oil keeps flowing.

Least Tax-Friendly States

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#10. Connecticut

#9. New Jersey

#8. California

#7. Hawaii

#6. Vermont

#5. Maine

#4. Illinois

#3. New York

#2. Maryland

#1. Minnesota

I kinda expected California to be the worst, right? Regardless, if you’re looking for lower state tax bills, it might behoove you to cross the Northeast off your list.

I gotta say it one more time though – taxes fund important government works. It seems clear there’s a reason many of the tax friendliest states are also some of the most sparsely populated: there are just fewer people the government needs to serve.