What you’re about to see may frighten you…

But don’t get too upset, we have a feeling that the cats in these photos are actually quite gentle and loving…unless they are provoked.

I’m talking about a Reddit group called Murder Mittens where people post photos of their pet kitties baring their claws.

And if you’re a cat owner, you’re gonna love them!

So enjoy…and be careful not to get on the bad side of any cats anytime soon…trust us on this one…

1. Tiger blood!

Maybe not quite as vicious, but still…

She looked familiar… from murdermittens

2. They’re all vicious!

And adorable…but still, watch your step.

My cat had kittens. Here are all 3 of them! from catpictures

3. I’m the boss.

Whatever you say, sir…

Gus just moved in, he’s making sure we know he’s the boss now. from murdermittens

4. Feed me! Or else!

Just do what she says.

Someone’s ready for dinner from murdermittens

5. Still a threat to be reckoned with.

Even though he is adorable.

My favourite baby photo of him from aww

6. Just showing off her claws.

In case you think about getting out of line.

Bebe precioso!!!!! from murdermittens

7. That’s grand theft!

But, there’s nothing you can really do about it…

Touch tha chockamachip cookee from TouchThaFishy

8. Lying in wait…

Just ready to attack.

Soon from murdermittens

9. I want my food and I want it now.

Oh, and how was your day, by the way?

How I am greeted when I get home every day from murdermittens

10. An action shot.

Don’t tangle with this one.

action MM’s from murdermittens

11. You could use a massage.

Be very careful, though…those things are razor-sharp.

Scalp massage from murdermittens

12. Just so you know what you’re dealing with…

Don’t do anything dumb.

Murder mittens used to beg for his wet food. He wants us to know he could rip us apart if we neglect to feed him. Murder mittens. from murdermittens

Now it’s your turn!

In the comments, please share a photo of your vicious kitty’s murder mittens. And tell us a little bit about them. Name, age, confirmed kills, etc.

We can’t wait to get introduced to these guys and gals!