The University of Utah Now Has a Designated “Cry Closet”



I wish I would’ve had access to one of these during my college years. The Univesity of Utah now has a designated “cry closet” in one of the school’s libraries to help students out during their times of extreme stress.

Photo Credit: Pixabay

Visual artist Nemo Miller is the genius behind the project. The cry closet does have a few rules, though. There is only one person allowed to weep in the closet at a time, and 10 minutes is the limit. All social media posts regarding the closet must be hashtagged #cryclosetuofu.

Photo Credit: Twitter,aJackieLarsen

Of course, students can’t get their minds out of the gutter and they are already planning to use the closet for other purposes.

Photo Credit: Twitter,abn_akil

Damn kids…

h/t: Mashable