The Unluckiest Person on the Internet Might Be This Redditor

This Chick might be the Unluckiest Person on the Internet and It's Absolutely Hilarious.


Embarrassing moments, we’ve all had our share of them. In fact, just this morning, I completed an entire breakfast order at my neighborhood deli before realizing my fly was unzipped the entire time.

That was indeed humiliating, however, it’s got absolutely nothing on Redditor TheFlyingPigSquadron‘s hilarious series of mishaps that started with a routine shampooing in the shower and ended with her in the ER. After reading her whole story, I can’t help but wonder if she walked under a ladder on her way to the shower

Redditor TheFlyingPigSquadron shared her recent tragic (but hilarious) shower incident online, and it quickly went viral.

As if that wasn’t enough, the story actually continues…

Thankfully, her doctors are wiser than she is and took precautions to help her avoid any more accidents. It’s the kind of thing you need to do when your patient just can’t seem to avoid getting in trouble.

Apparently, this is somewhat of a lifestyle for the young lady in question. The internet demanded more stories about her misfortunes, and she delivered.

Thank you, TheFlyingPigSquadron, for those glorious tales of misfortune. Also, take care of yourself…

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