These 10 Photos Show What Difference a Day Can Make


Can you believe these 10 photos were taken just a single day apart? The change is absolutely extraordinary.

1. Hurricane Harvey

2. Chernobyl, USSR

Photo Credit: chernobylguideback-in-ussr

3. Sahara Desert

Photo Credit: animalreadertelesurtv

4. Japanese Tsunami

Photo Credit: daypic

5. Fall of the Berlin Wall

Photo Credit: ingpeaceproject

6. Mount Saint Helens’ Eruption, 1980

Photo Credit: vulkaniaoffthegridnews

7. Stock Market Crash of 1929

Photo Credit: etoretro.ruaif

8. The 2010 Haiti Earthquake

Photo Credit: pokazima, novate

9. Earthquake in the Indian Ocean

Photo Credit: dailymail

10. Hurricane Katrina

Photo Credit: vevphotochronograph