These 12 Awful Photos Will Make You Ask, “WHY?”

There are some sights in this world that simply cannot be explained. And, if we’re being honest, we may not want to know the explanation behind these 12 horrible photos.

1. This is not what da Vinci intended.

Photo Credit: Reddit: SkyPlexHD

2. Please, don’t.

Photo Credit: Imgur: asdt4fd5ydfjk

3. A mobile massage service with a door that locks from the outside? Where do I sign up?

Photo Credit: Reddit: parallelrule

4. That can’t be road legal.

5. Someone used this brush to get rid of their dandruff and put it right back on the shelf. Yuck.

6. Why? Just why?

Photo Credit: Reddit: ontheredsite

7. Our eyes were never meant to see such horrors.

8. Close, but not quite.

Photo Credit: Reddit: FowelBallz

9. Oh, yeah. That puts my mind at ease.

Photo Credit: Imgur

10. Binks be with you.

Photo Credit: Reddit: Madboo_1

11. Why watch live sports when you can look at dog photos instead?

Photo Credit: Imgur

12. Science has gone too far.