These 12 Coincidences Will Make Your Inner Perfectionist Happy


In this world, it’s rare that we get to witness something truly perfect.

So, take the time to enjoy the tiny perfections captured within these 12 photos.

1. Completes the pile.

2. Reflections.

Photo Credit: Instagram: sermota

3. Their similarities don’t end with the clothes.

4. Where’d her legs go?

5. The color is exact.

6. “I’m Catman.”

Photo Credit: Imgur

7. It’s a match.

8. How long do you think it too him to get this shot?

9. Probably not as long as it took to get this one…

Photo Credit: Instagram: josiahwg

10. DIY mermaid.

11. Rainbow wings.

Photo Credit: Instagram: m0rch

12. Where’d you go?