These 12 People Confess an Explosive Secret They Will Never Reveal



Secrets have a funny way of coming out, but for these 12 people, they say they would never bring themselves to tell the truth – not even to the person who the secret was about!

#12. Proper ladies

“When my mom was a teenager, my grandma slapped her over something stupid. My mom then slammed my grandmas head into a mirror, and they basically got into a fistfight. They both look at themselves (and each other) as very “proper” ladies, and would be horrified if they found out I knew.”

#11. Bro code

“Grandfather loves his PC, browsing the internet, reading bible posts, news, etc.
A wise man at times and someone who I have a lot of respect for and enjoy his company, but I’ll be damned if every virus he’s gotten is something pornography related. Just rolling through the history though, its all pinup style images of actresses/celebrities. Classy stuff honestly. I just always clean up the computer viruses and delete his history.”

#10. No good deed

“I found out that my grandpa was paying the mortgage on my aunt’s house for about 4 years, up until she passed away. My cousins don’t know that he was paying for them to live there rent free, and they didn’t treat him very well. It’s not really something worth telling them about, but they’re incredibly entitled and rotten people.”

#9. The mild-mannered maid

“My brother has used the same cleaning lady for the past 15 years. She insisted that she was an Austrian expat, but about 10 years ago she was invited to our family’s 4th of July party. She’s around mine and his age and stuck around to drink a bit with us after “the adults” had left. She confessed to me when she was drunk on schnapps that she’d actually been born in East Germany, her dad was in the Stasi, and her mother ran him over with the family Trabant. With the uproar in the family there and the political situation she moved here when she was about 10 or 11 with some family already in the States. Totally surreal to hear from a mild mannered European maid. I am not sure if she remembers telling me that but it’s been a decade and I haven’t said anything to anyone.”

#8. Different dads

“One of my friends has 2 brothers, one younger, one older. His older brother is from a man his mother cheated on his father with. His dad stuck around through it and raised him as his own even though he knew. My friend has no idea. I would never tell him. His mom and my mom were best friends, we used to hang out practically since birth.”

#7. Parent traps

“I know several of my friends are the results of affairs.

Growing up as an only child. Often playing alone whilst adults talk. They forget you are there. Seriously, I know more than I should about even my own parents.”

#6. All in the family

“When my mother passed away (I was 15) I was given a book of her poetry she had written for my father when they were married. All of the poems had little extra notes at the front of them explaining what the poem was about.

One poem was about my dad, my mom, and his first wife all having sexy times in a tent while camping. There were a few more poems about their times together. My dad left his first wife at some point after these encounters and married my mom shortly after.

I never told my dad, and he passed away long ago now. His first wife I see regularly at family holidays since her son’s are my half brothers. I’ve never told her either.”

#5. Scat

“My first boyfriend in high school apparently had a scat fetish, but he never asked me to help him satisfy it or mentioned anything to me about it. One morning when I had slept over his house the night before, I woke up before him and went to go use my laptop, but it was dead and I had forgotten to bring my charger, so I went on his computer instead for a little bit. I was looking through some pictures of us that he had in a folder on the computer, and then I randomly clicked on a folder that was just named “fs” (no idea what that name was supposed to mean). In this folder were several video files with names that made it clear that they were scat porn. I didn’t watch any of them and never told him I had found them, and like I said, he never mentioned his fetish to me either.”

#4. Pokemon love

“I once borrowed my older cousin’s laptop, when I was maybe 13 or so. Opened it up and BAM Pokemon porn. Pokemon porn everywhere… and lots and lots of hentai.

I never told him I saw it. However, he’s always dated somewhat bigger girls and everytime I see him with his gf I can’t help thinking he’s dating her partially because she’s got hentai boobs.”

#3. The awful truth

“My dad is the result of rape.

The story we were always told was that my grandfather’s buddy knocked up his teenage sweetheart when they were stationed in Germany when he had a wife back home, so my grandparents decided to adopt him.

When I moved to Europe I decided to go looking for my dad’s family. I found them pretty easily, but my bio grandmother didn’t want anything to do with me. My two uncles wanted to meet me though, and were very pleased to do so.

While talking to my uncle when we were out drinking I mentioned understanding why his mother might not want to meet the child of her teenage mistake but still being bummed out about it. He demanded I explain the what I had been told about his mother. He was completely floored that it had been framed as her mistake at sixteen, and that’s when he told me the truth: My grandfather had raped her when she was twelve and she had given birth to my father at thirteen. He was drunk and an Army MP when it happened, and then coerced her into giving up the baby to him and his wife. Nothing was ever done about the rape.

I was completely horrified, especially as someone who had been sexually assaulted as a child. He wasn’t a warm and cuddly granddad type, but I would’ve never suspected he could’ve done that to a child. My father wasn’t father of the year by any means, but I don’t know how he would deal with it, so I don’t intend to ever tell him.”

#2. Guilt trip

“My mom had a really, really big issue with me being a lesbian. It was the worst when I was a teen and she’s totally over it now (thank goodness), but it was rough.

I remember sitting with her in the kitchen one day and she’s screaming at me over it, which was pretty rare for her. She goes on and on about how she loves her friends “but I would never want to sleep with them!” And I was like, “Yeah, because you’re straight…?” And she got very flustered and continued on her tirade, basically centered around me acting on my attraction, not having my attraction.

Well, I was discussing this nearly a decade later with my dad and he goes, “I mean that kind of makes sense, considering what happened with Sarah when they were in school.” Cue tires screeching in my brain. Sarah was killed in a car accident the summer before my mom’s senior year of college. They were going to be sharing a room in a suite with two other girls, were best friends, etc.

My dad said you would have thought she’d been widowed. She even forewent living with my dad to live with Sarah and he had had suspicions that something was going on with them, but mostly stayed out of it.

So I questioned him further and he confirmed my suspicions (which I’d had since I was young and totally confused about my mom’s over-the-top reaction to me being gay): she definitely had a crush on her friend Sarah and her dying left a scar on my mom that basically made her think that her feelings were wrong/responsible for the death/bad luck/I don’t know what. Not to mention, it was probably completely unresolved and so she was just left to wonder about what could have been.”

#1. A secret collection

“I was at a friend’s house and I needed a towel. Found a drawer where she was storing a bunch of different dildos. I’d never seen so many, so much variety. There were like 20.

She never talked about sex, and had never had a partner. It has been 15 years, we’re still friends. I’ve never brought it up and never will unless she tells me she collects dildos.”