These 12+ Photos of Clumsy Animals Will Leave You in Stitches


If you’ve ever been to a zoo or an aquarium, chances are you’ve seen an animal do something goofy. They like to cut up just like us, and the animals on this list are no different. Try to contain your laughter when you look at these 13 clumsy animals caught in the act.

1. Behold, the graceful flamingo.

2. Ready for bathtime.

3. Help. I have been trapped by the bread.

Photo Credit: Imgur: bgeraghty

4. This is how you use chairs, right?

Photo Credit: Imgur: bgeraghty

5. Mmm…bagel necklace.

Photo Credit: Imgur: pdmcmahon

6. So beautiful. So graceful.

7. Alright, everybody say “cheese!”

8. Hammocks are not as relaxing as I thought they’d be.

9. Whoa.

10. Enjoying some lettuce?

11. Hold on. I think this dog is onto something.

12. Getting downstairs is tough.

Photo Credit: Reddit

13. So close…yet so far.

Photo Credit: AcidCow