These 13 Bizarre Photos Will Make You Do a Double, or Triple, Take


The following photos are so weird, a double take just wouldn’t be enough. You’ll need to take a third look in order to figure out what the heck is going on.

So, check out these 13 strange images and see if your eyes and brain can figure them out at first glance.

1. Whose legs are whose?

2. Wait, don’t move!

Photo Credit: Reddit: Travisd32

3. No! Don’t! Oh, nevermind.

Photo Credit: Reddit: kynlais

4. What color are these blinds?

Photo Credit: Reddit: theadum

5. Yikes.

Photo Credit: Pikabu: DenFaust

6. The wall of teleportation.

Photo Credit: Reddit

7. Out on a ledge.

Photo Credit: Reddit: Idobjj

8. Kitty, are you okay?

Photo Credit: Imgur: MissLissa


Photo Credit: Imgur: DrForester

10. What the heck?

11. It’s not as fast as flying, but it’ll do.

Photo Credit: Imgur: jennny55

12. Cool mountain. Wait a minute…

Photo Credit: Imgur: rSexyness