These 8 Popular Genetic Traits Prove We All Have More in Common Than You Thought


When you take a long, hard look at humanity, there’s no denying that at our most basic, genetic level we’re all inbred. Maybe not to the point where our kids turn blue, but still – we have way more things in common than than not.

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In fact, if you are a human being, you more than likely have every single one of these super common, dominant genes.

If you are not a human being, please know that we come in peace.

#8. Your Eyes Are Brown

55% of the world has brown eyes, which means more people are brown-eyed than all of the other colors combined. Take that!

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#7. You’re Right-Handed

70-90% of people have a dominant right hand (it used to be more when people forced children to be right-handed, despite preference!).

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#6. Look At Those Broad Eyebrows

Don’t feel bad if you have to pluck to get thin, arched brows – thick and bushy is the dominant trait, but the unibrow is not.

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#5. You Have Dark Hair

More than 50% of people in the United States sport natural dark locks, but there are cultures around the world where that percentage is 98% or higher.

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#4. Your Left Thumb Automatically Crosses Over Your Right

Well over half of the world’s population display this random genetic predisposition.

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#3. Your Eyelashes Are So Long

The cosmetics companies would have you believe that you need that mascara and the falsies, but in reality, long lashes are a dominant trait enjoyed by the majority of the population.

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#2. You’ve Got A Round Face

In a world of squares or rounds, you’re most likely the latter.

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#1. Your Earlobe Hangs Free

No definitive study exists, but estimates are that this dominant gene exists in about 2/3 of the world’s population.

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Did you just touch your earlobe? I bet you did…