These Boxers Feature a Built-In Cup to Protect Every Dad’s Nuts



Here’s a problem that, as a man with no children, I had no idea existed. Apparently, part of being a new dad is keeping on constant guard against an assault on your crown jewels… an attack launched by none other than the fruit of thine own loins.

Who knew?

I think it’s because they know they can get away with it, but I’m not a child psychologist. Yet.

Anyway, FridaBalls is a product you definitely need to check out. They’re boxer shorts with a built-in cup to protect manhood throughout the land. No more nut shots if you’re wearing these babies!

The company writes, “Protecting Your Tomorrow. Today. The hits keep coming when you’re a Dad. Head butts, the baby carrier swinging heels, and the good ole Sunday morning bed jump. Parenting really can be a contact sport. FridaBalls is the world’s first Dad friendly underwear, designed to simultaneously protect your [Frida]Balls and your lineage.”

Genius. As they say in the Instagram post below, “Parenting is a contact sport.”

You can buy the boxers on Amazon for $27.99.

The company describes itself as “THE BRAND THAT GETS PARENTS. That means you. We’re not a lifestyle. Far from it. We’re a solution-based brand. The 411 of parenting.”

Imagine a world with no more writhing around on the floor in excruciating pain after a full-on foot, knee, or foreign object to the testicles.

It is possible! And it looks beautiful, doesn’t it!

Father’s Day is right around the corner…I think I know what you’re gonna order…