These Crafty Kids Are Too Smart for Their Own Good


Kids are just smart enough to get into trouble, but not smart enough not to get caught. Take a look at these kids who may be a little too smart for their own good.

1. Inspiring.

2. This girl has her priorities in order.

Photo Credit: Twitter: @LovelnTheSky

3. Well, at least he got the prize.

Photo Credit: Twitter: @WOWT6News

4. Well played.

5. That’s unforgivable.

Photo Credit: Twitter: @VictorPopeJr

6. You know, how OJ usually comes in 2-liters?

7. I’m sure no one will notice…

Photo Credit: Twitter: @jordieham

8. “This kid who wrote this letter in hopes of convincing her parents she can stay home from school twice a week.”

9. “Your move.”

Photo Credit: Twitter: @Julietaxx3

10. I think there used to be marshmallows in there.

11. She placed LEGOs on the floor to keep everyone else away.

Photo Credit: Twitter: @Six_Pack_Mom