These Dads Swore They Didn’t Want Cats. They Were Lying.

Image Credit: Reddit


People always claim they don’t want cats. Then there’s a BIG turn.

These 15 dads claimed they didn’t like cats and then fell in love. BIG TIME.

15. I mean if it’s going to be there, you might as well keep the fur under control.

14. True love.

13. You’re not fooling anyone, bub.

12. AND the cat has a nickname.

11. No better use of Facebook if you ask me.

10. He carries her to bed every night. OMG.

My Dad (79) went from “I don’t want that dang cat” to carrying her to “her room” for bed each night. from aww

9. The cats like you and that’s all that matters.

8. Never say never.

7. A new baby is a new baby.

6. Only the best for Gizmo.

5. That cat looks so interested in the video. Ha!

My dad hated cats and was pissed when I brought her home, but now, 3 years later, he’s showing her cat videos while she sits in his lap. She also sleeps with him every night. from aww

4. Extra.

My dad, who hates cats, built bunkbeds for my boys. from aww

3. That’s what’s known as eating your words.

2. I mean he is a guest might as well be comfortable.

My dad says he hates my cat, but today I came home from work to find this… from aww

1. Priceless.

Good luck out there, non-cat people!