My parents refused to get us a family dog when I was a little kid. Buuuuut, they finally caved and we got a dog named Quincy and my mom completely fell in love. And now she likes dogs WAY more than people.

These moms are the same way. They didn’t want dogs for various reasons and are now in love with their pooches.

1. Living like a king

When he was a puppy, my mom refused to even touch him for months. Now, she cooks and gives him sweet potatoes every day. from aww

2. True love

3. Sing her a song

4. On the floor and everything

5. Dance off

6. Pampered

7. Proud mother



10. The love is evident

11. #DogLife

12. A member of the family

13. BFF

14. Lullabies

15. Her new child

True love.

You just can’t deny it…