Things That Are Trashy or Classy… Depending on How Much Money You Have


As you know, the universe gives and takes away, luck has her say, and sure, the world isn’t at all fair when it comes to who has money and who doesn’t – and let’s not even talk about how the odds are against people moving up or down that mountain, right?

Double standards and hypocrisy are also everywhere, and when it comes to these 12 things, whether or not they are classy or trashy completely depends on your tax bracket.

12. If you’ve got money to burn…

Smoking a cig.

Also gambling.

11. They say it’s all about doing your part.

Tax offenses. If you make $20k a year and don’t do your taxes right, you’ll be fucked. If you are rich and withold a few million $ in taxes, you’re usually fine.

10. Only in the movies (probably).

Hunting people for sport.

9. Because if you’re rich you can always just borrow more.

spending more money than you have

8. Why is society like this?

Taking money from the government.

Unemployment/Food stamps: Trashy

Business Bailout/Taxloophole: Classy

7. At least, not cleaning it yourself.

Not cleaning your house.

6. Nail, meet hammer.

Based on the other replies, pretty much everything

5. It’s called “distressed,” okay?

looking homeless or wearing “homeless” clothes

4. We still make fun of you, but not because it’s trashy.

Having weird names. Yeah we still laugh at some of the names celebrities give their kids but it will never stop them from getting work or living their lives of luxury.

3. What you can get away with…

Not paying taxes.

In one reality, you’re poor trash.

In the other, you’re a smart business person.


2. You may not splurge.

It’s like you’re never allowed to do anything remotely nice for yourself unless you’ve “made it” – whatever that means. Someone is always willing to give you crap for something if they see you as somehow not having “made it” to the point where it’s acceptable to splurge on yourself.

For example, my boyfriend and I last year were house hunting and the process was taking a while. It was frustrating, we hadn’t done anything for ourselves in a while, and he found a good deal on a guitar he had been wanting. So he got it. We got crap because we “should be saving money” and “he’s got two kids to support” (one with his ex and one with me). Ugh.

We had money already saved, it was just a matter of finding a house within our budget that we wanted to live in. All our bills were handled, including child support, nobody was going without and he had the money. Why is it so sinful that he got it before we found a house? Since then, we did find a house and closed on it and we’re working on it so we can move in, and he didn’t have to sell the guitar to do it because we know how to budget.

1. Maybe even suffering, tbh.

Doing literally anything except suffering tbh.

I don’t know why these answers made me angry, but they sure did.

Would you add something to this list? If so, tell us what it is in the comments!