Think Your Day Was Bad? Check Out These 16 People Who Are Definitely Having a Worse Day


Nobody likes to have a bad day, but we’d all be lying if we said it didn’t make us feel just a little better to know that someone else is having a bad day along with us. We’re not sure what sort of day you’re having today, but hopefully these 16 pictures of people having horrible days will help.

1. “Mom’s gonna be so pissed.”

Photo Credit: twitter, Gavtits

2. “I almost finished eating my pizza when I found a Band-Aid in it.”

Photo Credit: reddit, JimmyTorpedo

3. “My 80-year-old grandmother nearly had to go to the hospital when she woke up to this.”

Photo Credit: pikabu, Es1cool1ap

4. “I think I’ve mastered a new parking style.”

Photo Credit: reddit, Freekmagnet

5. “I guess the ‘Road Works’ sign on that perfectly smooth highway was there for a reason after all.”

Photo Credit: reddit, Swampster81

6. “Washable paint? Yeah, right. See you in court, Palmer Paint Products.”

Photo Credit: twitter, Leletill

7. That’s a club I’d rather not join…

Photo Credit: imgur, skywire

8. “This is how my Thanksgiving started.”

9. “I think this time, my clothes won’t need drying after washing.”

Photo Credit: imgur, anlyin

10. “This is what I showed to my boyfriend this morning.”

Photo Credit: imgur, JarJarDrinks

11. “I didn’t realize I was in the men’s bathroom.”

Photo Credit: twitter, bbypeachess

12. “What do I throw now to make myself feel better?”

Photo Credit: imgur, SuckieMcSuck

13. “The exact moment her phone was lost forever.”

Photo Credit: imgur, HappyRena

14. Talk about bad timing.

Photo Credit: pikabu, interesnenko

15. “My neighbors discovered that turkeys can fly.”

Photo Credit: reddit, poopgoose1

16. “That’s a concrete example of a bad day.”

Photo Credit: reddit, Syckwun